Booth space (6 square meter minimum at € 400.- / square meter), power socket, Wi-Fi access, and 2 free exhibitor identification badges will be provided.

Industry sponsored symposia will be scheduled during lunchbreaks (at a maximum of 2 parallel symposia). They provide a unique opportunity for sponsors to present their scientific content to the congress audience. Lecture hall, standard AV equipment and announcement in the programme are included in the sponsorship fee (€ 5,000.-) as is the registration of the invited speakers. The sponsor is responsible for the content, inviting speakers, preparing a description of the event (including title and list of speakers and presentations) as well as providing lunchboxes for attendees. ESP reserves the right to refuse content that is not considered appropriate for the congress.

The interactive poster session will take place on Wednesday, September 1, 2020 during lunchtime. Patronage of the session will be available to an exclusive sponsor for a fee of € 1,500.-. Sponsorship will be acknowledged by signage at the event and appropriate mentioning in the congress materials.

Welcome Reception
The Welcome Reception will be held on Monday, August 30, 2021. The exclusive Sponsor will receive recognition via signage at the event, logos and acknowledgment in the congress literature.
Sponsorship fee
€ 3,000.-
Gala Dinner
The main social event, the gala dinner, will be held on Thursday, September 2, 2021. The exclusive sponsor will receive recognition via signage at the event, logos and acknowledgment in the congress materials. Complimentary admission to the event of 4 sponsor-affiliated delegates are included in the package.
Sponsorship fee
€ 3,000.-
Coffee breaks
There will be 8 scheduled coffee breaks (Tuesday to Friday, 2 breaks each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Exclusive sponsorship for each of the breaks will be acknowledged via signage and announcement in the congress materials.
Sponsorship fee
€ 750.- per break
Badges and lanyards (exclusive sponsorship) € 500.-
Congress bags including writing blocks, ball pens, USB memory sticks (exclusive sponsorship per item) production costs
Bag inserts (production costs not included), max DIN A5 format, max 100 g € 400.-
Programme advertisment: back cover € 1,500.-
  one page € 1,000.-
  half a page € 750.-
  banner € 500.-
Roll-up in the registration hall € 500.-
Advertisement in-between online presentation € 500.- for 10 minutes
Advertisment in the virtual book of abstracts full page € 1,000.-
  half page € 750.-
  banner € 500.-