DNA damage and repair; nanotechnology; fluorescent probes; upconversion particles; phytochromes; optogenetics; photosensory receptors and circadian rhythms.

Antimicrobial PDT; antiviral PDT; dentistry; near infrared PDT; drug delivery, novel light sources; new photosensitizers, theranostics; nitric oxide in PDT; combination therapies; nanoparticles; resistance mechanisms in cancer; photodynamic disinfection.

Photomedical aspects of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19; photosensitization; psoralens; photosensitivity diseases; porphyrias; photodermatology; phototherapy and photodiagnostics; imaging; pigmentation, melanocytes and melanoma; photopharmacology; photocarcinogenesis; photochemical internalization; photoimmunology; photoageing; sunscreens; positive health effects of UV; vision and ocular photomedicine.

Plant photoreceptors; photosynthesis; light harvesting; plant growth and development; photobiology of non-flowering plants, circadian rhythms.

Ozone, sunlight and climate change; influence of UV on ecosystems; solar energy and biofuels.