For the very first time in its long-standing history the ESP 2021 congress will be held as virtual event, featuring pre-recorded and life online presentations with options for interactive discussion. This way, we will provide a forum for scientific exchange between top researchers and young scientists in photobiology, photomedicine and photochemistry from all over the world without the need to travel.

As a sponsor of this unique event your company will be given the opportunity to:

  •   promote your innovative products online to make your brands visible to your target audience.
  •   integrate your products in innovative science.
  •   get in touch and build a relationship with your customers.
  •   establish new collaborations between your company and academic researchers and institutions.
  •   communicate with present and future key leaders in photobiology from around the globe.
  •   share and communicate your achievements in research and development.
  •   capture the latest scientific content relevant to your research and training programmes.


The 19th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology received the status of COMPLIANT from EthicalMedTech.
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The attendance is expected to exceed 350 participants from academia as well as industry, including key experts in all fields of photobiology as well as early career scientists and students. ESP conferences attract researchers and practitioners from many disciplines, including chemists, physicists, biochemists, biologists, engineers, dentists, medical doctors and ecologists from all over the world.

Past Congresses:

2019 Barcelona, Spain (first joint congress of the European Society of Photobiology and the International Union of Photobiology) 749 participants from 47 countries.
2017 Pisa, Italy 375 participants from 40 countries.
2015 Aveiro, Portugal 354 participants from 36 countries.
2013 Liège, Belgium 303 participants from 37 countries.
2011 Geneva, Switzerland 311 participants from 35 countries.