The European Society for Photobiology (ESP) is pleased to announce that also this year a number of fellowships are available to participate to the 19th congress of the Society held from August 30th to September 3rd 2021 in online form. Applications are restricted to senior scientists, early stage researchers, Post-docs and PhD students from less privileged countries.

The successful candidate will be provided with 100% registration fee waiver and a complimentary ESP membership until December 31st, 2021 will be also be included in the fellowship.

The decision of the Education and Training Committee is unappealable.

Eligibility conditions:

  1. The applicant must be involved in a photobiology related scientific research;
  2. The applicant must be resident in a less privileged country;
  3. The applicant must submit an abstract to the Congress. The full list of symposia is available at the following link the full list of symposia.
  4. The applicant must authorize the publication of the poster on the conference / ESP webpages. Agreement must be given in written in the application form.

Submission of applications:

The deadline for application is May 31st, 2021. The application letter must be accompanied by:

  1. A Statement of Purpose justifying how the participation to the 19th congress of European Society for Photobiology is instrumental to the applicant's research in Photobiology or how it will support future career goals;
  2. A concise CV of the applicant clearly showing the involvement of the applicant in the field of Photobiology;
  3. A copy of the abstract submitted to the ESP congress with the indication of the symposium for which is intended.

Applicants are kindly requested to merge the above listed documents in a single PDF file. (Many freeware programmes are available for this purpose on the Internet).

Please go to the to submit your application to the ESP Education and Training Committee.